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Few health clubs in Brisbane do what we do. There are dozens of gyms, clubs and fitness classes Brisbane men and women can choose from, and yet those who wish to see real results choose Quany’s.

Other health clubs in Brisbane don’t have the same success rate as we do at Quany’s because they fail to put the individual needs of their clients first. Every person is different and many of the gyms in Brisbane aren’t willing to adjust their service offering of classes or training sessions to help clients achieve their individual fitness goals. Unlike other clubs, we’re client-centric, meaning if they’re serious about getting in shape, losing weight and/or building muscle, clients will get the support and assistance they need to do so.

Like other gyms, Quany’s offers a full range of fitness services. But, one of the things that separates us from the other health clubs in Brisbane is that our clients get so much more with their membership. Free fitness assessments, the chance to participate in special fitness or health-related events, and ongoing support and encouragement are just the beginning when you choose us over other clubs

Quany’s also provides some highly successful classes not seen at other gyms in the area. In addition to our results-driven personal training sessions, we offer motivating and challenging group session training that includes Extreme Fitness and military-inspired Battle PT. What’s more is that you won’t find Concept Quan, a class that provides group weight training for those interested in body building, at other clubs in Brisbane. Quany’s founder, Travis Quang, created this class specifically for adolescents whose gains plateaued when working out at other gyms or using other techniques.

Whether their goal is to build muscle, improve endurance, or weight loss, Brisbane men and women seek the expert training support found only at Quany’s. Come for a one week trial and see why it is that so many others have chosen us over other clubs.


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